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Apple Unveils The iPad – A Huge, Expensive, iPod Touch

If you have not heard by now, then you live on Mars, most likely in a cave, probably with headphones on. Apple unveiled the iPad today. It is basically a huge iPod Touch with internet service for 30 bucks a month. The device is lacking a ton of features, like multitasking and SMS messaging. The price starts at around 550 for the non-3G internet version, and 650 for the 3G version (both 16gb). If you want to go bigger, you get to pay up to 1000. This device is classic apple, sleek, sexy, refined, and more of an accessory than a device we wanted. Let’s see if the Apple cult followers will be enough to keep this one afloat. The public, it seems, was not thrilled with the device, as Apple’s stock took a dip after it was announced.


Natal to replace TV remote?

It seems Microsoft’s plans for Natal are getting bigger by the minute.
Marc Whitten, the general manager responsible for Microsoft’s Xbox Live service, stated during the Streaming Media West show that he sees Project Natal replacing the traditional remote control for the TV even.

"With the flick of my wrist I can change a channel," Whitten said. "With the power of my voice I can start a movie."
"It won’t be a remote control" that consumers use," Whitten said. "A remote control is already too hard."
Instead, Whitten said he envisions a future where Natal recognizes the users in the room, and their voices as well. Knowing the identity of the users will coalesce the content they’re interested in, and allow one of multiple users to control the interface. (In one recorded demonstration, Natal picked up on a user’s voice to control a game.)
"I believe that this will be the largest leap of TV experience since the remote control,"


7 Reasons Why Microsoft Should Make PCs

If Microsoft wants to be like Apple, so be it. The company should design, build and sell consumer PCs directly to customers. As Steve Jobs says, "good artists copy, great artists steal." Microsoft needs to steal Apple’s whole approach to marketing its products and managing its brand, not just copy its retail store ideas.


Solar backpacks made from Nazi satchels

A limited-edition series of solar bags and backpacks are made from actual Nazi-era satchels. They’re called KILLA Vintage series #1 bags, and the Canadian company that sells them promises only 20 per year. (props to Talk2myShirt)


XBox360 802.11n WiFi Adapter Surfaces On FCC Site

It looks like there is a new XBox360 802.11n WiFi adapter in the works for the XBox360. It has two antennas, as you can see by the pic, which means 802.11n. Adding this spec to the Xbox360 shoud be the WiFi adapter is actually worth getting, believe it or not. Of course, it will probably cost $500 USD, knowing MS.