Neill Blomkamp will direct a new film in the Alien franchise, according to an Instagram post Wednesday.  Blomkamp posted an image by H.R. Giger, who did the designs for the first Alien film, and wrote, “Um… So I think it’s officially my next film. #alien”

The film will be produced by Ridley Scott, and will be set after Prometheus 2, which Scott will produce and direct, according to Deadline.

Blomkamp’s directing career started with the critically acclaimed District 9, which he also co-wrote, and for which he received an Adapted Screenplay Academy Award nomination.  He wrote and directed Elysium, and co-wrote and directed Chappie, which will open March 6.

Prometheus was set in the Alien universe, but before the first movie, and the sequel will be in that earlier time frame as well.

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