GamersCircle Comics – Comic Book Shipment Update

Those of you that got and checked their emails updates in regards to this weeks [7/10/2013] comics now know that there was a shipping problem and GamersCircle Comics didn’t get the full shipment when we were supposed to.  Many also asked why the website wasn’t updated with this information.  I choose not to update the website, because for the most part, the site is only checked on Monday or Tuesday and it wasn’t until yesterday when the bulk of the status’ were found out, so it would have been after the fact vs knowing in the here and now.

This is what we know so far:

Today 7/11/2013 – GamesCircle Comics will be getting part of the shipment that will contain the missing trade paperbacks and graphic novels.

Tomorrow [Friday] 7/12/2013 – An emergency shipment will be arriving and this box will have the missing comics that we should have gotten on 7/9/2013 for New Comic Book day on 7/10/2013.

Things to Note:

The up and coming New Comic Book day [week of 7/17/2013] everything should be back to normal, but the emails notices for that week will be not 100% accurate.

Will any of this impact the Magic the Gathering M2014 Pre-Release?  No.

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