Guardians Of The Galaxy becomes 2014’s biggest film in US


Truthfully, who would have called this at the start of the summer? For over the past few days, Marvel and director James Gunn’s Guardians Of The Galaxy has become the number one film at the US box office in 2014. It’s now overtaken Captain America: The Winter Soldier and The LEGO Movie to earn that feat, topping the box office in the States once more over the weekend.

The film’s current total stands at $274m in the US, and it’s expected to be the first movie this year to break $300m in America. It’s not hitting to quite the same degree outside of America, bringing in another $273m there, for a combined $547m. Yet these are still sizeable numbers for an off-piste movie in a late summer slot.

The year’s biggest movie globally is Michael Bay’s Transformers: Age Of Extinction, whose take to date is $1.07bn. It should break into the top ten films of all time in the next week or so…


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