Hawkeye #22 Jumps To $4.99 For Final Issue


Matt Fraction said that “HAWKEYE 22 is called ‘El Dorado.’ It’s gonna be longer than twenty pages. I shouldn’t say how much longer until I get final confirmation.”

Well, it could be quite a bit longer. The word has come down that his final issue with David Aja is jumping from the original $2.99 price point of the series, past its current $3.99 to a whopping $4.99.

Well, “El Dorado” does mean the golden one. And it didn’t do last week’s Superior Spider-Man any harm, did it?

But I’d expect quite a lot of pages. Even if not, it’s still a bargain for the final issue of the series that wasn’t expected to be a hit, but got placed on the Angoulême official selection list, topped the trade paperback charts, won more Eisner awards than any other Marvel comic and turned one of the least favored Avengers characters into the coolest comic on the stands.

Goodbye, Hawk Guy. We hardly knew you… but at least we get to give you a big send off.


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