Hulk comic book news

As Marvel’s August solicitations revealed, Incredible Hulk is back to stay as a Marvel title. The series saw a return in July with Incredible Hulk #600 (which will feature a story by Jeph Loeb and Ed McGuiness), and then continues in August with Incredible Hulk #601 by Greg Pak and Ariel Olivetti.

So what’s going on in the venerable, and now-returned series?

Well, the solicitation for the issue reads:

Gamma fans rejoice — the rumors are true! The INCREDIBLE HULK book returns as an ongoing series written by acclaimed PLANET HULK and WORLD WAR HULK scribe Greg Pak! Get ready for Bruce Banner as you’ve never seen him, the Son of Hulk in a whole new world of smash, and an insane new adventure that changes everything for everyone’s favorite Green Goliath! With art by Ariel Olivetti (CABLE) and introducing a new, regular bonus backup SAVAGE SHE-HULK story written by Fred Van Lente and drawn by Michael Ryan!

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