IDW Ends ‘Doctor Who’ Partnership With BBC


Comic-Con News:  After publishing Doctor Who comics in partnership with BBC Worldwide for almost six years, IDW Publishing announced that it will end its licensed publishing agreement with a Doctor Who Special written by fan favorite writer Paul Cornell and illustrated by Jimmy Broxton that will be released during the last week of December of 2013.  Look for an announcement of the new home for Doctor Who comics in the coming days.
The new Doctor Who Special will contain a one-shot story in which the Tardis is propelled into our own universe and the Doctor meets a ten-year-old girl who is a big fan of the Doctor Who TV show.  In this self-referential story the Doctor has to come to grips with the idea of being a fictional character as well as dispatch a monster menacing the girl’s school, but the greatest shock of all comes when he meets Matt Smith, the actor who portrays him on TV.

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