‘Iron Man 2’ Boffo on Disc


Iron Man 2 blasted out of the gate with sales of over 1.1 million units on the first day of its home entertainment release. By the end of the first week its sales were over 5 million copies with 52% of those on Blu-ray, the first big release in months to sell more BDs than on conventional DVDs. Iron Man 2 sold more than 13 Blu-ray disks for every one of its nearest competitor Get Him to the Greek.

While there was little doubt that Iron Man 2, which earned $312 million at the domestic box office, would dominate the DVD sales and rental charts, its strong debut give some hope to the beleaguered home entertainment industry that has suffered persistent sales declines over the past two years. Home Media Magazine’s estimate of more than 5 million disks sold during the first week is welcome news for the industry as the all-important 4th quarter with its bevy of big releases begins.

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