‘Justice League: War’ Is Next DC Animated Movie


Comic-Con News: Since the Flashpoint event cleared the way for the “New 5,,” it only makes sense that DC and Warner Animation have chosen to follow up the new DC original animated feature Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox, which debuts at Comic-Con, with Justice League: War, which is due out in 2014 and will be based on the first “New 52” Justice League story arc, Justice League: Origin by Geoff Johns and Jim Lee.
PR specialist Gary Miernau
tweeted the news about Justice League: War and added some key details such as the fact that Vegas star Jason O’Mara will voice Batman, while Shemar Moore of Criminal Minds will do the same for Cyborg.  While having two Justice League releases in a row sort of breaks the pattern of previous DC/Warners Animation releases, the fact that the two stories are connected was undoubtedly part of the reason for the scheduling, as was an underlying need to pump up the image of the Justice League supergroup that Warner Bros. is hoping to develop into a live-action blockbuster that will be able to compete with Disney and Marvel’s already established Avengers movie franchise.

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