More ‘Marvel NOW!’ #1s in January

Comic-Con News: The biggest news for comic book fans to emerge from Comic-Con so far may have come from Marvel Comics’ Senior VP of Sales David Gabriel at the Diamond Retailer Appreciation lunch during which Gabriel announced that there would be a new slate of Marvel NOW! #1 issues starting in January of 2014, and then proceeded to show a slide featuring the Marvelman character with the caption “We have not forgotten.”  Marvel acquired the rights to the character in 2009, published a one-shot of new material in 2010 as well as a reprint series, but has done precious little with the character since.

Other major announcements to come out of the luncheon, according to Comic Book Resources, include a follow-up/continuation of Paul Jenkins and Andy Kubert’s highly successful Wolverine: Origin miniseries, a Deadpool vs. Carnage crossover event that should be very popular with a certain segment of fandom, and more LEGO-themed variant covers.

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