Romero talks on DEAD RECKONING

Talking to MTV about the fourth installment of his zombie series, George Romero discussed the differences between Dead Reckoning and the Dawn of the Dead remake.

The most significant difference? The zombies will move slowly–they’ll be more traditional zombies that most people are familiar with. “It’s about society trying to get back together and ignore the problem, like people living in an earthquake zone, people living with the threat of terrorism, and they treat the zombies like rabid-dogs or homeless people,” Romero told MTV.

Romero’s next two projects include The Ill (2004), the story of a college boy’s love for a college girl and the virus she spreads that turns everyone into vampires. Also, Diamond Dead (2005), wherein a young woman must kill 365 people and her only help in the task is a rock band who she accidentally killed and then brought back to life. I promise that is the real synopsis.dTheatre