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New Comics for the week of 12/24/2013



Monday – 11a to 6pm
Tuesday – 10a to 2p [New Comic Book Day / Christmas Eve]
Wednesday – Closed for Christmas

Origin II #1


Featuring a special Collector’s Edition Acetate Cover! Part 1 of 5! A few years after the events of Origin finds James Howlett running with the wolves…until something unexpected brings him back into the world of Follow the first "X-Man," as he finds his way back to civilization and falls afoul of someone Sinister. Someone who’s just discovering mutantkind and the horrors he can visit on them. Plus, discover the secret behind James’ greatest enemy!

In Comic Shops 12/24/2013

DC Announces Weekly ‘Batman’ Comic


DC Comics has announced that lead Batman writer Scott Snyder will function as a "Showrunner" on a new week Batman series, Batman Eternal, which will launch in the spring of 2014 and run for a year.  Snyder will coordinate a team of Bat-Writers that will include John Layman (Chew, Detective Comics), James Tynion IV (Talon), Ray Fawkes (Justice League Dark), and Tim Seeley (Revival).  So far the only artist announced for the project is Jason Fabok (Detective Comics).
Snyder told USA Today the year-long Batman Eternal will alter the status quo for the Dark Knight and his home town, noting that the project gave him "a place for me to be able to work with good friends in terms of shaping Gotham in a bigger, grander and more game-changing way than ever before, we’re gonna give you the biggest, craziest and most fun stuff we’ve done on the book and in the world of Gotham."  According to Snyder, Batman Eternal "sets the stage for a new Gotham and new characters and a new set of stories that will take Batman into 2015."
Snyder is also contributing to a massive 96-page Detective Comics #27, which ships in January and which commemorates the 75th anniversary of the initial appearance of Batman in the original Detective Comics #27 that introduced Batman to the world of comics in 1939.  The commemorative issue features an all-star lineup including writers Paul Dini, Brad Meltzer, Gregg Hurwitz, and Peter Tomasi, plus artists Neal Adams, Dustin Nguyen, and Francisco Francavilla, as well covers from Adams, Jim Lee, Greg Capullo, Chris Burnham, Kelley Jones, Patrick Gleason, and Mike Allred.  In addition legendary Batman creator Frank Miller (Batman: Year One, The Dark Knight Returns) will contribute a two-page spread to the issue.
Also featured in Detective Comics #27 will the first chapter of Layman and Fabok’s final story arc on Detective Comics, a slick little tale that goes by the name of "Gothtopia."  When the "Gothtopia" arc ends in the spring of 2014, a new creative team consisting of Francis Manipul and Brian Bucellato will take over Detective Comics.

Kirkman Writing New Horror Comic for Image


In a conference call with the comics press today Robert Kirkman revealed that the comic book series that Image has been teasing for a couple of days will be a new monthly horror book, Outcast, which will be written by Kirkman and drawn by artist Paul Azaceta.  The new book, which will deal with demonic possession, will launch in early 2014, and though Kirkman maintains that he always conceived of the project as a comic book series, there has already been some preliminary interest in bringing Outcast to TV.
Kirkman pointed out the difference in scope in Outcast, which will focus on the problems of one protagonist, Kyle Barnes, who has suffered episodes of demonic possession throughout his life, and the The Walking Dead, but he also see similarities in the way in which he brings an extra dose of "realism" to these traditional horror subgenres, stating: "I’ve seen every exorcism movie.  I feel like it’s a genre that is very open to a realistic interpretation, which is something that I think The Walking Dead does well–taking the zombie tropes and dealing with them realistically.  So that’s what I hope to do with exorcism."
While Kirkman clearly enjoys the freedom of independent comics, which allows him to kill off characters with impunity and keep the audience on edge, he also noted that "It (Outcast) won’t be as much of a blood bath as TWD turned out to be."
Kirkman also noted that he has been working on Outcast for two years, and that he eschewed other potential horror projects because they were too close in nature to The Walking Dead.  With Outcast Kirkman thinks he will be able "to break new ground and do new things."

Possible Delay in New Comic Book Day for GamersCircle Comics 10/2/2013

It would seem that UPS again might have dropped the ball, but I have to wait until 7pm before I can take any action.  The normal UPS delivery only had part of the shipment, but according to the tracking, the other parts are still OUT FOR DELIVRY; however it is possible that the rest might still be delivered by a different UPS truck.

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