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GamersCircle e-Mail Newsletter

This is a quick post going out to those that are getting the GamersCircle Comics e-mail newsletter.  The newsletter comes directly from the content that I post on the comic shop’ website, which was www.gamerscircle.net , but was just recently [about a month ago] changed to www.gamerscircle.com.  During the change over, the e-mail newsletter was interrupted, but should not be back on track.


Avengers vs X-Men Month 2 HeroClix Tournament 3/15/2014 – GamersCircle Comics Folsom, CA


Build will be 300 points constructed & 200 sealed instead. There will be the same 25 points of grace off of the 300 mark, just to assist in building an effective team. So, you could elect 280 constructed then seek 220 points from your sealed booster or two. You may not use a different version of any of the figures in the 2 starters.  Example: GSX Magneto, Chaos War Scarlet With,
Secret Invasion Namor, etc, will not be allowed.

GamersCircle Comics
608-B East Bidwell St.
Folsom, CA 95630

GamersCircle Friday Night Magic Changes


Two years ago, we changed our tournament start times from 6pm to 5pm to
accommodate the requests of the local community.  Once again; based on community
requests, we are changing our Friday Night Magic tournament start times back to the
original start time of 6PM.

We have new casual / competitive prize pools which are included with the $5 entry fee. 

You can find our tournament schedule here.

UPDATE: Table Top with Jason – March 9th, 2014 – FOLSOM, CA


GamersCircle Comics is extremely pleased to bring table top gaming to Folsom, CA via Table Top with Jason.  Jason will be volunteering his time and sharing his board game enthusiasm with those that wish to come and either join in or just watch.
The February Table Top with Jason will be:

Sunday on March 9th, 2014 starting at Noon with the table top preference of STAR TREK CATAN.

Space … The final frontier … Star Trek Catan combines the adventures of the legendary Starship Enterprise with those of the Settlers of Catan. The challenge is to settle a world that has never been settled before.

3-4 Players
Age 10+
45-90 minutes

GamersCircle Comics – Comic Book Shipment Delay

Due to the bad weather conditions, the shipment that normally arrives on Tuesday, isn’t going to be here until Wednesday.  The new comics will be here on Wednesday, just that they will not be ready until UPS delivers them and I get some time to process them.

I will do my best to update this website/facebook/twitter and the google plus pages when I get more information.

GamersCircle Comics