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Marvel’s Star Wars #1 To Get Plenty Of Exclusive Retailer Covers


So, Marvel are going to want to launch Star Wars #1 with a bang. They will want it to be the best selling comic for January- by a long way. And here’s one reason why it will be.

One way to achieve this is by arranging exclusive retailer covers if, said retailer orders an inordinate amount of copies, then orders another inordinate amount with a cover exclusive to that store. They won’t sell them all that month, possibly not in the next year, but it becomes a store perennial, a feature, and a reason for some folk to visit that store. It’s an expensive solution for both retailer and publisher but it can reap significant statistical rewards.

Add an expected LootCrate or NerdBlock exclusive cover as well, and that’s another five or six figure amount to add onto the numbers especially, as with Rocket Raccoon and Amazing Spider-Man, the number gets added onto Diamond’s official monthly statistics.

Basically with this news and this prominence? Star Wars #1 by Jason Aaron and John Cassaday will be the biggest selling comic in January. Pretty much guaranteed.

Guardians Of The Galaxy becomes 2014’s biggest film in US


Truthfully, who would have called this at the start of the summer? For over the past few days, Marvel and director James Gunn’s Guardians Of The Galaxy has become the number one film at the US box office in 2014. It’s now overtaken Captain America: The Winter Soldier and The LEGO Movie to earn that feat, topping the box office in the States once more over the weekend.

The film’s current total stands at $274m in the US, and it’s expected to be the first movie this year to break $300m in America. It’s not hitting to quite the same degree outside of America, bringing in another $273m there, for a combined $547m. Yet these are still sizeable numbers for an off-piste movie in a late summer slot.

The year’s biggest movie globally is Michael Bay’s Transformers: Age Of Extinction, whose take to date is $1.07bn. It should break into the top ten films of all time in the next week or so…


Comic-Con on Staying; ‘We Will See’


Comic-Con International has responded to the news that the planned $500 million expansion of the San Diego Convention Center appears to be dead, by noting the many factors that go into its planning for the event in San Diego, and hedging when asked what the organization will do with Comic-Con when its agreement with San Diego runs out.

“With regard to the convention center expansion, I can say that any decision to remain in San Diego has always been dependent upon a number of factors, and no one issue could really trump the others,” David Glanzer, Director of Marketing and Public Relations for Comic-Con International told ICv2.  “As an example, we knew when we agreed to stay in San Diego until 2016 that an expanded convention center wouldn’t be complete.  However working with the mayor, city officials, hoteliers and convention center staff allowed us to utilize space outside the convention center facility and mitigate some of those concerns. We now use more ballroom space at area hotels than I think we ever have.  And we are still working on other issues that include space, hotel rates and other logistical factors that need to be addressed if we are to remain in San Diego.  And I am happy to say we continue to have dialogue with those entities and we will see what the future holds.”

That statement certainly makes it seem like Comic-Con could stay in San Diego without a Convention Center expansion, depending on other factors.  As we observed when the news came out, it’s unlikely that any decisions will come quickly.

Kirby Family Friend Claims Kirby Museum Stole Photocopied Art


Here’s a pretty good sign Jack Kirby was one of the greatest comic book artists who ever lived, if not the greatest: The museum that bears his name and a historian who was also a family friend of the Kirbys are in a public spat over photocopies of his pencil work. Not the originals (many of which are more than likely lost). Photocopies.

Here’s the long and short of it: Historian and illustrator Greg Theakston says he gave The Jack Kirby Museum and Research Center the 3,000-plus copies as a loan, not as a donation. He has asked for it back. The museum isn’t giving it back, saying Theakston provided the art as a donation. So Theakston filed a stolen goods report with the Hoboken, N.J. police. Here’s Theakston’s initial Facebook post about the disagreement (which he called a press release):

The museum’s board of trustees responded with this post in which they state, “We are confident the Museum has done no wrong.” It also says:

Upon receipt of the first portion of his donation, we provided Greg with a gift acknowledgment letter. He declined our offer of same for subsequent portions. In written correspondence after the transaction occurred, Greg described the intent of his gift, where he used the word ‘donation’ a number of times and specifically named his set of photocopies as being among the items that he donated; there is no mention of any part of the donation being a loan, or that any of it is to be returned to him upon request.

So we were dismayed when the Museum was contacted by Mr. Theakston asking for the return of his property, now reclassified by him as a loan.

In another Facebook post, Theakston reasserted that the art was a loan for the purposes of the museum’s management scanning the pages. He argues that the museum is required by law to document donations, and has no such documentation.

He added this in a response to a comment:

I told [Treasurer Randolph Hoppe] that I would contribute all of my Kirby research to the museum when a real building housed it. In the meantime, I donated a box of Kirby-related items and got paperwork on the whole thing. That part was very professional.


SDCC ’14: Gareth Edwards Confirms GODZILLA 2 Return; New Monsters Revealed


While the Godzilla reboot was mostly met with a very positive response, some criticized a lack of action. However, it sounds like the iconic monster will very much be the focus in the sequel as you can see from the Tweets below. As well as confirming that Gareth Edwards will return to direct the follow-up, a teaser played by Legendary Pictures revealed a number of other monsters who will be joining him. Regardless of whether you’re a fan of the older movies, almost all of these names should be at least a little familiar and Godzilla will definitely have his hands (?) full whenever the movie is released. How do you guys feel about this news? Sound off below!