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Xbox 360 Update Adds WPA2 Support For WiFi Adapter

A new Xbox 360 system update is rolling out this morning, bringing support for the WPA2 security protocol to the Xbox 360 Wireless Adapter. Owners will be prompted to download the mandatory update when they next sign into Xbox Live.

Microsoft’s Larry ‘Major Nelson’ Hyrb stresses that the update does not include the upcoming Facebook, Twitter and Last.fm integration nor the Zune Marketplace 1080p "instant-on" streaming video, which are all scheduled to arrive "later next month."

Xbox 360 Sky Player Pulled

Sky Player has been pulled from Xbox 360 shortly after launch “due to an unforeseen technical issue”.

The online TV service launched earlier today with 24 channels available to watch via Microsoft’s console.

“The Sky Player on Xbox 360 service did successfully launch early this morning, it has subsequently been suspended due to an unforeseen technical issue," Microsoft said in a statement.

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Xbox 360 Getting Sky Player In October

Sky Player, Sky’s online TV service, will be introduced to Xbox Live in October, Microsoft has confirmed.

Announced in May, the service will allow Xbox 360 owners to access a range of channels and programmes to view live or on-demand.


New Left 4 Dead Campaign Launching September 29

Left 4 Dead’s latest piece of downloadable content now has a release date. Crash Course is set to arrive early next week, offering a bridge for the gap between the "No Mercy" and "Death Toll" campaigns.

The DLC will be launching simultaneously on the Xbox 360 and PC, and should be available worldwide. The content will be available free for PC owners, but Xbox 360 players will have to pay 560 Microsoft Points ($7).

Asked earlier this month why the Xbox 360 version will cost money (via Eurogamer), Valve’s Chet Faliszek said, "We own our platform, Steam. Microsoft owns their platform. They wanted to make sure there’s an economy of value there."


Fallout 3 Premium Theme Free to Buyers of DLC

A little over a month ago, Bethesda delivered the fifth and final piece of DLC for Fallout 3 in the form of the "Mothership Zeta" add-on. September sort of feels a little hollow without any new post-apocalyptic adventures to look forward to, doesn’t it? Fortunately for Fallout devotees, Bethesda has a little something to help take your mind off the lack of new content: A premium Fallout 3 theme for Xbox 360.

The theme features a scenic view of the Capitol Wasteland and will be available on October 1 for $3 (240 Microsoft points). Anyone who’s purchased all five downloads for Fallout 3, however, will receive a token to download the premium theme free of charge.