War of Light Month 1 HeroClix Tournament 6/14/2014 – GamersCircle Comics Folsom, CA


Join us for the first DC Heroclix "War of Light" tournament! This is a monthly event where players use special SEALED booster packs to construct their teams. For Month 1, each player will receive two (2) sealed "War of Light" booster packs for force construction (400 points). Resources and Relics from the DC HeroClix: War of Light: Sinestro Corps War Scenario Pack or a prior month’s DC HeroClix: War of Light events are allowed for use on a player’s force.

Entry Fee: $30

Player will also receive the following for participating:

A Green Lantern LE figure
A Green Lantern Central Battery
A Crossbow Construct 3D object
The following additional prizes will be awarded:

A Larfleeze LE figure (1st, 2nd, Fellowship)
The event map (for 8 random players who did not receive Larfleeze)
There is a strict 10 player limit for this event. Standings across all "War of Light" events will be considered for the final month LE prizes!

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